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Cracked Ice Glass


cracked ice glass

Cracked Ice Glass Suppliers!

At Glass Expressions Ltd we specialise in the design, supply and fit of bespoke glass for worktops and splashbacks. Our favourite range is called Cracked Ice Glass. We are kent and London number 1 cracked ice glass suppliers. We have over 20 years knowledge within our team.

Our speciality is in a cracked ice effect glass which can be produced in any shape, in clear or a variety of translucent colours.

cracked ice glass suppliers

Cracked ice is a laminated specification consisting of 3 x layers of glass. The cracked glass itself is a layer of toughened glass. This toughened glass is shattered by a process which sits in the middle of the three glass sheets, sandwiched by two sheets toughened safety glass either side of shattered piece. A PVB or EVA film and the two outer layers of glass contain the shattered layer safely inside creating a stunning decorative glass product.

The result is a stunning decorative product that adds visual impact every time, and even add colour to give worktops or bathroom designs the wow factor. Thanks to the smooth outer surfaces of glass, cracked ice glass is simple to maintain clean and is ideally suited to the bathroom. Toughened glass never shatters in the same way which means every piece of cracked ice glass is unique, meaning we are supplying something that is completely bespoke to you and your project.

All our glass is pilkingtons low iron toughened. We feel this is the best quality finish to compliment our lovely colour range.

cracked ice

We have also notice more and more clients are asking for cracked ice with a transparent or opaque colour added. Its amazing and super cool so please ask the team.

Applications such as

  • Bar tops
  • Bar fronts
  • Wall cladding
  • Kitchen Splashbacks
  • Shower doors
  • Flooring

cracked ice glass suppliers

Why don’t you contact us now and speak to a member of the team! We also offer backpainted glass products and glass balustrades.