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Glass splashbacks are a revolutionary new concept designed to ensure a clean and modern design and finish that requires minimal work to maintain.

Backpainted glass panels are used in many residential and commercial applications as a feature product and are an excellent alternative to tiles, as they do not have the unsightly appearance of grout lines. Thus, they are extremely easy to clean.

With glass splashbacks you have the freedom to choose your own colours, as they are custom made and painted to suit your design. The consistency of glass splashbacks gives you a smooth surface, and the natural reflective element will give any room a larger feel.

glass splashbacks

All of our glass splashbacks are made out of low iron toughened glass to ensure strength and durability and as a result they are up to seven times stronger than normal glass. So please be reassured the glass is very safe.

The use of coloured painted glass walls in the bathroom, particularly in the shower recess, has become a very popular way of finishing off a modern bathroom renovation. Not only does the glass wall visually compliment a frameless or semi-frameless shower screen, the smooth reflective element of glass will give a small room like this a bigger feel.

There is almost unlimited range of colours to choose from, and with toughened glass you would be choosing one of the strongest, safest products on the market. We only use Pilkington opti clear glass for all our products.

Do you know we offer glass balustrades, why not ask the team.

Where can glass splashbacks be used!

Applications such as

  •   Bar tops
  •   Bar fronts
  •   Wall cladding
  •   Kitchen Splashbacks
  •   Shower Screens

If you can think of a new application we would love to hear from you.

glass splashbacks


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